Are you working a lot with UI in Godot? Add this intuitive UI editor that allows for quick edits, saving a lot of time in the process.

Last Updategithub|imjp94|UIDesignTool|master
Authorimjp94 and more
Supported Versions3.2


  • Overlay Text Editor
  • Toolbar(Support batch edit):
    • Font:
      • Import and manage TrueType fonts(.ttf)
      • Font family
      • Font weight
      • Font size
      • Font color
    • Highlight
    • Horizontal/Vertical alignment
    • Font Style/Formatting(Typography hierarchy)
      • Utilities:
        • Clear font
        • Clear color
        • Rect size refresh


  • Copy addons/ui_design_tool into your project
  • In the Godot Editor, go to Project Settings > Plugins and enable the UI Design Tool plugin


Select any Control node and the editor will show in the toolbar at the bottom of the 2D screen viewport.

Select multiple nodes to edit simultaneously.




Nothing yet. If you want to recommend a tutorial resource for this, use the suggestions page.