Give your game a unique look with a beautifully generated skydome. Also featuring Time Of Day functionality.

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  • Atmosphere
    • Atmospheric Scattering (Preetham and Hoffman)
    • Night Scattering
  • Near Space
    • Sun disk
    • Realistic Moon
    • Moon Phases
  • Deep Space
    • Milky Way
    • Stars Field
    • Stars Field Scintillation
  • Fog
    • Fog Scattering
  • Clouds
    • Dynamic Clouds
  • Time of Day
    • Simple Celestials Positions
    • Celestials Positions based on DateTime
    • Gregorian Calendar Support
    • Date time System Syncronization


  • Clone or download the repository
  • Create a folder called addons in your project
  • Download the repository and copy and paste the folders “jc.godot.universal-sky-common” and “jc.godot.time-of-day” or “jc.godot.time-of-day-mono” into that folder
  • Build the solution in the mono version
  • Go to Project -> Project Settings -> Plugins and activate the plugin


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