Do you want to add sound variety to your game but too much work? No problem! With the Random Audio Nodes you will be able to play audio randomly and even chose the strategy.

Last Updategitlab|timkrief|godot-random-audio-stream-player|master
AuthorTim Krief
Supported Versions3.4


  • Play random sounds every time
  • Use different strategies to spice up your game’s sounds


  • Copy addons/randomAudioStreamPlayer into your project
  • In the Godot Editor, go to Project Settings > Plugins and enable the Random Audio Stream Player plugin.

The addon can also be found in the Asset Library.


  • Add a RandomAudioStreamPlayer node to the scene
  • Set a size for your streams (sound files) and then assign them one by one
  • (optionally) choose a different strategy


Plugin License

Sounds are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 (Tim Krief)