Do you want to have retro maps in your game or more familiar with editors like TrenchBroom? Import Quake maps directly in Godot.

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Supported Versions3.4


  • Natively import .map files into Godot and convert them into a usable scene tree
  • Supports
    • Brush geometry
    • Textures and customized UVs
    • Convex and concave collision volumes
    • Gameplay entities
    • FGD (Forge Game Data) export for custom game definitions
  • Configurable scene population
    • Leverages the map format’s classname and key/value property systems
    • Spawn and configure custom Godot scenes and scripts based on entities defined in the map editor
    • Define the visual and collision properties of brush entities on a per-classname basis
  • TrenchBroom Integration
    • Simple, intuitive map editor with a strong feature set
    • TrenchBroom game configurations can be exported for tighter workflow integration
    • Nested TrenchBroom groups can be used to build a tree hierarchy from the format’s standard flat structure


  • Copy addons/qodot into your project
  • In the Godot Editor, go to Project Settings > Plugins and enable the Qodot plugin


Create a QodotMap node and assign a .map file to it.

For a more detailed guide, visit this link.