Create levels on the fly with this 3D Procedural Maze Generator!

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Supported Versions3.0


  • Generate random maze
  • Customizable with different widths, lengths
  • Can use different 3D objects


  • Copy addons/procedural_maze into your project


To create a new maze, create a new script that extends either or from the addons/procedural_maze directory and attach it to a new StaticBody. builds a 3d maze using 3 materials (1 for the floor, 1 for the walls and 1 for the ceiling) and exports the following variables:

  • size_x and size_y, the number of columns and rows of the maze grid
  • corridor_width the width of rows and columns
  • wall_width the width of generated walls
  • height the height of the maze
  • random_seed the seed used when creating the maze
  • wall_material, floor_material and ceiling_material the materials used for floor, wall and ceiling uses an array of wall models and will instantiate them randomly and has the following additional variables:

  • wall_models an array of meshes to be used as walls inside the maze
  • outer_wall_models an array of meshes to be used as walls
  • pillar_model is a mesh that is used where walls end

You can add a child node named Config to the maze and add CollisionShape nodes with box shapes to this node. this will exclude the corresponding zones from maze generation (the example show how this can be used to define rooms and openings in the maze).




Nothing yet. If you want to recommend a tutorial resource for this, use the suggestions page.