Do you want to have total power to make 1D Games in Godot? Now you got the chance! Use this addon and harness the power of 1D Nodes.

Last Updategithub|aaronfranke|godot-1d|master
Supported Versions3.X, 4.X


  • Node1D: Base class for 1D nodes. Has a position, scale, and Z-index.
    • Sprite1D: 1D sprite that displays one row of pixels at a time. Each row is a frame.
    • Camera1D: 1D camera, allows specifying a thickness for how many pixels tall the world is.
    • AudioListener1D: Same as AudioListener2D but for 1D.
    • AudioPlayer1D: Same as AudioStreamPlayer2D but for 1D.
    • CollisionObject1D: Base class for 1D physics objects (abstract). Has a size.
    • Area1D: 1D area for physics detection.
    • KinematicBody1D: 1D kinematic body used for characters and other animated objects.
    • StaticBody1D: 1D physics body which is static and does not move.


  1. download the repo
  2. copy into your project


The Node usage is similar to other Godot Nodes.




Nothing yet. If you want to recommend a tutorial resource for this, use the suggestions page.