Unit Test your project like a pro using GdUnit3. GdUnit3 is a framework for testing Scripts and Scenes within the Godot Editor. This plugin is very useful for test-driven development.

Last Updategithub|MikeSchulze|gdUnit3|master
AuthorMikeSchulze and more
Supported Versions3.3


  • Fully integrated into the Godot editor
  • Run test-suite(s) by using the context menu on FileSystem, ScriptEditor or GdUnitInspector
  • Create test’s directly from the script editor
  • Configurable template for the creation of a new test-suite
  • A spacious set of Asserts use to verify your code
  • Argument matchers to verify the behavior of a function call by a specified argument type
  • Fluent syntax support
  • Test Fuzzing support
  • Mocking a class to simulate the implementation which you define the output of the certain function
  • Spy on an instance to verify that a function has been called with certain parameters
  • Mock or Spy on a Scene
  • Provides a scene runner to simulate interactions on a scene
  • Simulate by Input events like mouse and/or keyboard
  • Simulate scene processing by a certain number of frames
  • Simulate scene processing by waiting for a specific signal
  • Update Notifier to install the latest version from GitHub
  • Command Line Tool
  • CI – Continuous Integration support


  1. Select the tab AssetLib in the middle on the top
  2. Enter GdUnit3 in the search bar
  3. Select GdUnit3 and press the install button
  4. Finally, you have to activate the plugin


    # this assertion succeeds


    # this assertion fail because the value '-13' is negative




    Nothing yet. If you want to recommend a tutorial resource for this, use the suggestions page.