Simple Drag & Drop networking interface for your multiplayer game in Godot.

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Supported Versions3.3


  • Drag & Drop networking
  • Requires less code to use
  • Supports:
    • State Changes
    • Creating Players
    • Receiving Local/Global IP addresses from an API
  • NetworkSyncer
  • An example lobby for rapid prototyping


  1. Copy / paste the networking addon in the project’s addon folder
  2. Enable Easy Networking from the plugins tab


  • Assign the lobby.tscn as the startup scene
  • In the lobby.tscn set the export variable “scene to start” as the path to the scene
  • Create a script for the world that creates players.
  • In the player scene, add the NetworkSync node. On it’s array export variable, set the names of the variables to be synced. Ensure that the player objects that are puppets aren’t going to receive player input.
  • Test it




Nothing yet. If you want to recommend a tutorial resource for this, use the suggestions page.