Do you want to build massive worlds but Godot keeps crashing? Try this 3D GPU-Powered Terrain Editor and let your graphics card take care of the heavy processing while you are focusing on the design.

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  • GPU Clipmap LOD terrain mesh
    • Terrain sizes from 32 to 1024 units
  • Layered Terrain Material
    • 16 layer Weightmap with GPU painting
    • Triplanar texture mapping
    • Full PBR material support
    • Masked weight blending (Experimental)
    • GPU Heightmap sculpting
      • 16bit Heightmaps
  • Physics
    • Heightmap physics collision shape generator
    • Terrain ray picking for painting and sculpting
      • GPU ray picking
  • Dynamic lighting
    • Lightmap baking
  • TextureArray editing
    • Custome TextureArray ResourceSaver (save as .texarr)
    • Custom TextureArray importer/builder
  • Brushes panel
  • Custom Brushes
    • Brush strength
    • Brush scale
  • Editing tools
    • Raise
    • Lower
    • Paint
    • Erase
    • Fill


  • Copy addons/cartographer into your project
  • In the Godot Editor, go to Project Settings > Plugins and enable the Cartographer plugin


The full guide can be found here.




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