Are you making a Card Game? Why waste time reinventing the wheel? With this addon, you can focus on the game design and let it handle the card mechanic.

Last Updategithub|BraindeadBZH|godot_card_engine|master
AuthorBraindeadBZH and more
Supported Versions3.2


  • Integrated UI: CardEngine’s UI is integrated inside the Godot Engine Editor
  • Flexible card database design: CardEngine stores card inside databases using a flexible but simple structure
  • Straightforward Database query: CardEngine allows to write database query in a straightforward manner
  • Advanced in-memory card management : CardEngine supports in-memory card filtering and sorting
  • Powerful layout system: CardEngine provides a code-less container widget creation tool
  • Advanced animation tools: CardEngine offers an easy way to create complex card animations
  • Many quality-of-life tools: CardEngine comes with other tools to help creating card-based game


  • Copy addons/cardengine
  • In the Godot Editor, go to Project Settings > Plugins and enable the CardEngine plugin


Getting Started




Nothing yet. If you want to recommend a tutorial resource for this, use the suggestions page.