GodotExtra is a curated list of Godot Addons that aims to deliver a fun and predictable user experience for beginners and advanced users alike.

GodotExtra does not store any addon data (except for pictures), as the information is liked directly from Github, Gitlab or the official Godot Asset Library.

What GodotExtra offers over other solutions out there:

  • Discoverability: categories, tags, search, relevant addons and trending bar.
  • Predictability: all the addons come with the same structure author, image (if available), features, install, usage, license, and extras.
  • User interaction: rate & comment your favorite addons. This will help other people find the most popular addons easily.
  • User friendliness: better website structure, images, clear information.


Q: How are addons selected to be on the site?
A: The aim is to add as many addons as possible. As this is a process that takes time, a priority is enforced: if an addon gets suggested it will be added sooner. Otherwise, the first addons to reach the platform will be the most popular ones found in already curated addon lists.

Q: Can I become a writer?
A: Yes, but there will be a selection process. The most important thing is to make sure that every new writer maintains the quality of the entries. You can apply in the suggestions section.

Q: Can I recommend an addon?
A: Yes, use the suggestions section.

Q: What types of addons are allowed?
A: Any type GDScript, C#, GDNative or even the ones that need engine recompiling. The only ones not allowed are the ones violating Godot’s Code of Conduct.