There are over 1000 addons for Godot scattered all over the internet. Often people miss great addons because there is no discoverability element. Here at GodotExtra we aim to fix this. Connecting creators with developers is one of our core objectives.

What are the benefits of using addons?

  • You save time. A lot.
  • Add more features without additional cost.
  • Build and ship a game faster. Skip reinventing the wheel, focus on the essentials.

This is why we are kickstarting a new series on GodotExtra: Discover. By following this category you will get handpicked addons that help you with specific challenges. For example, making a Shooter, or a Turn-Based Tactics, or whatever idea you have – we got you covered!

In this episode, we will focus on Retro Shooters. Let’s look at 5 great addons that will make your shooter development easier…

Old Style FPS Controller

Get a headstart with a Character Controller that already simulates old-school FPS games.

Constant slope move speed, Bunny Hopping, Air Strafing – this plugin has all you need to get your Retro Character going.


Import maps from Quake or create your own in Trenchbroom (a map editor that is very easy to use and straighforward).

After you’ve picked/made your next map, you can easily integrate them in your favorite game engine using this plugin.

Godot PLY

But don’t rush to create a complete map right away! A good first step is to white box your level. That means to create a layout using primitives (cubes) and check out if it’s fun to play, engaging and a good candidate for a solid map.

You can achieve this right inside the Godot Editor using the Godot PLY plugin.

Radial Menu

Do you need a quick weapon switching interface? Why not get a quick solution in shape of a plugin ready to be integrated in your game?

Using the Radial Menu plugin you gain access to a new UI Node that will allow you to customize your own interface – even make it similar to GTA 5 or CSGO.

Volumetrics Plugin

Why not spice your Retro FPS with some modern effects? Take this awesome fog generator that will enable you to create horror FPS games. Or, just add a more moody environment for a tactical one.

Did you like it? Do you think I missed anything useful? Let me know in the comment section below.

— Adrian from Redefine Gamedev