When speaking about Godot Addons we are thinking of visual improvements, movement systems, AI, UI, and more. But not all addons are meant to be used for the end user.

What if you can enhance your work experience and gain a productivity boost?

Here are some benefits for developer-focused addons:

  • increased productivity – streamline processes, get where you want faster
  • improved experience – it’s a pleasure to work with a tool that has been custom-tailored to your needs
  • use new features that previously did not exist at all – get more out of the Godot Editor

Let’s look at 5 Godot addons that can change the way you use the engine:

Instance dock

Neatly organized one-click away scenes, with the Instance Dock Plugin. Drag & drop scenes, assign icons and categorize them in different tabs.


Understand how your game runs with realtime debugging sessions. Hyperlog uses different visuals to debug various elements of a game.

Clipboard Panel

Are you using notepad to save multiple lines of text to later copy-paste into your project? You can now do this inside your favorite game engine with the Clipboard Panel addon.

Godot Measuring Tape

Sometimes you need precise placement of objects. Be it 2D or 3D, your game can benefit from this addon that will enable a measuring tape right in Godot. It also gives you multiple options for different measurement systems.

Improved Resource Picker

Have you found yourself browsing aimlessly in the resource dialog for a particular resource? By default, Godot displays a lot of resources – even though some are not compatible with the current context.

The Improved Resource Picker addon aims to optimize your work by showing only relevant results.

Do you use any productivity hacks for Godot? I’m curious to find out.

— Adrian from Redefine Gamedev